About us


  • Jan, 2002

    Founded as MEDRx Co., Ltd

  • Apr, 2005

    Became Marketing Authorization Holders for Class I & II pharmaceutical products

  • Aug, 2005

    Launch a sales of Iodocoat (R) Ointment 0.9%

  • Aug, 2007

    Moving of head office

  • Oct, 2007

    Established IL Pharma Inc in USA as a subsidiary

  • Sep, 2009

    Established a new joint venture company with Kaneka Co.

  • May, 2010

    Launch a sales of Amlodipine Oral Jelly used as an anti-hypertensive and in the treatment of angina

  • Mar, 2011

    Conclusion of License Agreement for Topical Patch containing etodolac in the U.S. with Kowa Company Ltd.

  • Mar, 2011

    Signed License Agreement of the Transdermal Formulation containing NF-κB Decoy Oligonucleotide with AnGes MG Inc.

  • Feb, 2013

    Llisted on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index

  • Apr, 2015

    Established MEDRx USA INC in USA as a subsidiary

  • Oct, 2015

    Merger IL Pharma Inc. and MEDRx USA INC. ,with MEDRx USA as the surviving company

  • Apr, 2017

    Sined a worldwide licensing agreement (except for East Asia) with Cipla USA Inc. to further develop and commercialize MRX-4TZT, a Tizanidine patch for the management of Spasticity