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What’s ILTS®?

画像 Ionic liquid (IL)represents salts which keep liquid form under the temperature of 100°C or less. IL has generally various features, such as lower melting point, highly-ionic conductivity and high polarity, etc. The applications of IL include solar panels, batteries and fuel cells, etc.

Ionic liquid transdermal system (ILTS®) technology provides adequate solubility of various APIs through:
- Forming IL with the API, or
- Solving the API in IL.
Ionic liquid

MEDRx is the world's first pharmaceutical company to accomplish dramatically increased absorbability of APIs by capitalizing on ionic liquid technology.

MEDRx transdermal technologies are:

  1. Ionic liquid library consisting of the combinations of proven compounds to apply on human bodies safely.
  2. Know-how to design ionic liquid preparations so that the absorbability of the API is optimized.
  3. Know-how to transform ionic liquids with APIs into the preferable preparation forms (e.g., patches and ointments).

ILTS® and transdermal medicines

Transdermal drug delivery has various advantages:

  1. Overcome first pass effect.
  2. Easily achieve stable blood level and high bioavailability.
  3. Free of pain and fear due to needleless injection.

Transdermal drug delivery technology has been applied to developing local analgesics, anti-Alzheimer's drugs and antidepressants, since transdermal preparations have advantages of being able to improve patients’ QOL. Developing and providing transdermal preparations represent the fulfillment of unmet medical needs.

However, skin works as the barrier for human bodies to repel foreign substances. So, it is rather difficult for drugs to penetrate the skin barrier unless the drug has some penetration capability, which is influenced by the melting point, molecular weight, solubility, lipophilicity, etc.

Under the circumstances, we have applied our proprietary ILTS® technology to various drugs, including even compounds with low solubility and/or weak absorbability, such as biopharmaceuticals, etc.